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Intern Abroad Programs

Gain hands-on career experience while learning about a new culture overseas

Participating in an internship abroad with HAF Volunteers in Ghana is a fantastic opportunity to enrich your resume by gaining invaluable experience, training, and academic skills in a unique setting.

Through collaboration with reputable organizations, you will have the opportunity to work in diverse program placements. As an intern, you will engage in hands-on work, observe different practices in your field of interest, and gain insight into Ghanaian culture. 

Our internship programs cover healthcare, medical, and human rights law placements, allowing you to gain practical career and international experience. Discover the program that suits you best and embark on a rewarding journey of living and working abroad in this beautiful and culturally rich West African country.

Law & Human Right

Work together with a group of human rights activists to engage in innovative research, education, advocacy, and social justice efforts, with a particular emphasis on addressing pressing concerns such as domestic violence, promoting women’s empowerment, and combating child trafficking.

Health & Medical

The health and medical internship program offers an excellent opportunity for pre-med students or professionals to acquire valuable career experience through hands-on work, while also expanding their knowledge of medical practices and health conditions in a different country.

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