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Microfinance Program

Assistant Small Businesses & Empower Women in Ghana

As a volunteer on the Microfinance project, you will work together with local staff to assist in the development of small business ideas, impart basic bookkeeping skills, and lead weekly workshops on various subjects including micro-credit, computer literacy, marketing strategy, and vocation skills training. 

Microfinance innovation has opened doors for low-income individuals who are typically excluded from the traditional banking system, enabling them to access micro-loans for developing micro-enterprises and building savings. 

This project aims to empower low-income individuals by providing them with micro-loans and the necessary skills to grow their businesses, create employment opportunities, and break the cycle of poverty and hunger.

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Volunteers will also assist in a diverse range of tasks, such as reviewing business plans, formulating marketing strategies, managing small loan accounts, and verifying the eligibility of individuals applying for micro-loans. The majority of individuals you will work together with are hard-working but financially disadvantaged families, particularly women, who have already embarked on small business ventures but require general business guidance and financial backing to expand their enterprises. Our local organization staff, together with volunteers, provide all beneficiaries with business skills training before receiving their initial small loan installment. As you become more familiar with the primary needs of the local community, you can also contribute to their advancement in small-scale entrepreneurship by offering basic computer literacy training.

Program Details

Program Duration

The program is open from 1 to 8 Weeks. Additional weeks are available if you wish to stay longer. We’re able to accommodate up to 12 weeks.

Program Date

The program is open year round. You can volunteer at anytime.

Work Schedule

Monday to Friday, 7 hours per day up to 35 hours per week.

Program Requirement

Students or individuals who have interest, experience, or education in business administration, management, marketing, accounting, or finance and a strong desire in development work to join this project while wishing to experience a new culture.

$750 – 1 Week // PP

$1250 – 2 Weeks // PP

$1450 – 3 Weeks // PP

$1650 – 4 Weeks // PP

What program fee covers

To save your spot, a $200 reservation deposit is required. The deposit paid comes off your total program fee. It is not an added-on fee.

What's Included

What's Not Included

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